A lot of people have requested for it, so we’ve decided to release it. Here is the link in which you can view Adri’s program that she used to lead her into the American Open. As many of you know, Adri loves both CrossFit and Weightlifting – and she’s a beast at weightlifting. However, the daily grind of weightlifting sometimes beats her down. So the thought process when she decided to compete in the 2018 American Open Finals was incorporating both of those loves into her program.

Adri coaches at CrossFit Minneapolis (Minnesota) and competes on our Undisputed Weightlifting Team. Leading up to her decision to compete at AO Finals, most days she was following the class programming at her box. Since they’re a very reputable gym in Minnesota, I didn’t find the need to take that away from her when she decided to compete.

So here is her program she used and some notes I put on there to serve as a reminder of what I needed her to do. Sure there was other dialogue behind the scenes but this will give you the gist of things.

  • Block 1: This was her accumulation phase and where we needed her to get in a lot of reps to make sure she got into weightlifting shape and started polishing up her movement. Since she trained at a reputable CrossFit Gym in Minnesota, I knew she was gonna get in lots of the strength work that I needed her too. But as you can tell, the one thing I wanted to be 100% sure of was getting her legs conditioned for Olympic Weightlifting, that’s why you see lots of squatting added in + bodyweight lunges for distance. She did block 1 on top of her CF programming, and if they were squatting in class, then she followed the squats on her WL program instead.
  • Block 2: This is where she was instructed to follow the weightlifting program and on those days, she could still do the metcon with class for her community sweat. On the non weightlifting days, she usually did 2 classes, sometimes 3 depending on how she felt. If you look at the program, this is where I made sure we started conditioning her for upperbody pressing strength. I relied on her getting in her upperbody pulling work in via her CrossFit programming, or adding it in if she wasn’t getting enough.
  • Block 3: This was her peak and taper. Some of you asked me what I would have changed if I could, and to be honest not much with exception of wishing we had 2 weeks of peaking rather than 1. However, the first week of peaking would’ve been slightly different.

We’re currently following a similar structure for Nadeen Pierre as we ramp her up for Junior Nationals where she looks to make another Team USA!! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


-Coach V.
612.366.9311 – that is my actual cellphone number, if you call and/or text, I will get back to you. However, email is preferred!