Undisputed Weightlifting – (MN)

Despite being one of the “up and coming” programs, Undisputed Weightlifting has already made a name for itself. Accolades of the program include:

  • 4 International Team USA Athletes
  • 2 Nationals Champions
  • 1 American Open Champion
  • 8 National Level Medalist
  • Numerous state medalist and record holders

However, we don’t want our success to detour those who are new to the sport from joining our program. In fact, the majority of our elite athletes were homegrown and beginners in our program sharing the common love for the sport. Also, it doesn’t matter what your future aspirations in this sport are – so if you’re just looking to have some fun, or if you want to make an international team, we’ll coach and welcome you to our barbell family.

Brian Reisenauer w/ Team USA ’17 IWF World Championships – Anaheim


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