Undisputed SC – Eagan – Fitness


To be done chipper style…

How much weight to be put on the bar?

Men add a pair of 45’s

Women add a pair of 25’s

E.g. 2 Women will have 100lbs in plates on the bar

2 Men will have 180lbs in plates on the bar

M/W Partner will have 140lbs in plates on the bar

*Coach Anthony will help you with scaled weights if needed)

Helpful Hints:

*BB Farmer’s Carry is to Meadowlark & Back

*This workout will benefit you if you pair up with someone of similar height

*Don’t carry using the same hand as your partner

*Use a hookgrip if you can

*Just Keep Moving

*The run can only be subbed with a 2000m row with good reason

Remember, you’re carrying a BB down a shared bike path. Please stay to the INSIDE of the path.

Metcon (Time)

1 Mile Run (Both, TacoNite & back)

Divide Reps as You’d Like: Chipper

100 Air Squats

50 No Kip Pull Ups

100 Sit Ups

50 Chest to Floor Push Ups (there is no other standard)

100 Russian KBs

1/2 Mile Partner BB Farmer’s Carry (Meadowloark & Back)