Yep, you read that right, meal services like Origin Meals probably isn’t costing you more for lunch, well that’s if you’re the average American. Did you know the average person spends nearly $1k per year going out for lunch? Well, according to an article by Forbes Magazine, the average person goes out for lunch twice a week at a cost of just over $10 dollars per meal. Meaning, you spend almost $1,000 annually eating out for lunch, the cost of some vacations. This does not include other spending habits such as your daily coffee, energy drink, etc.

Spending Habits

When new members join Undisputed, lunch time habits (and mealtime in general) is one of the many conversations we have. Typically, we find those who struggle the most with nutrition fail to plan, cook their own meals, or a combination of the two – which leaves them making unwise lunchtime decisions. Needless to say, it’s not exactly the recipe for success. As a result, we also offer a meal planning solution here at Undisputed via Origin Meals, but we’re usually met with some hesitation because it’s perceived as more expensive – after all, you do have to buy your meals for the week in advance. However, we then ask our members how many times a week they dine out and the average cost per meal. Lots actually find they spend more than the $10 average per meal. One of our members discovered he spent nearly $500/month in fast food, YIKES!

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