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When Undisputed Strength & Conditioning was founded in 2014, we asked ourselves, “How can we help as many people as possible?” Our answer, “Online coaching.” Regardless of your goals, we’re here to help. When you start with our online coaching, you’ll first complete a fairly detailed questionnaire which allows us to learn more about you, your goal or goals, your current nutrition, your work/schedule and how it affects training, your prior training experience and future goals. Without this information from you, we would have no basis on where to start.

When you join Undisputed’s online fitness community, the majority of the coaching will happen in two places, email and dashboard. Email is where the day-to-day communication happens between you and your coach; Dashboard is where you can view your workouts. Additionally, you’ll also get access to a couple private Facebook groups. The first group will only include people who are also enrolled in the same program as you and the second is the entire community.


Undisputed Online Weightlifting Team – 

Are you unable to train onsite at Undisputed? We’ve got you covered with online coaching. Our online program is different from the other out there as it includes individualized programming, video review and direct contact with your coach.

Since the inception of our program (2014), how many teams can say they’ve developed an athlete who made Team USA for the Pan American Championship and World Championship from online training? We’re willing to bet that we’re one of the few. To learn more about our weightlifting program click here. 

Coaching Options: 

Individualized: Individualized Programming is for athletes who want the personal touch of having a dedicated coach. This option gives you one coach that works directly with you who’ll review and analyze your videos, create a custom program for you, and you’ll get direct access to their private email address to answer any of your questions.

  • Coach Vinh: $139/month or $119/month with a 3 Month Agreement
  • Coach Tri: $119/month or $99/month with a 3 Month Agreement
  • Coach Lucky: $99/month or $79/month with a 3 Month Agreement
  • Coach Brian: $99/month or $79/month with a 3 Month Agreement
Template Programming + Group Video Review – $59/month, 3 month agreement required

You get to choose your program template for Weightlifting or Powerlifting. If you’re newer to the sport, the most important thing is getting more proficient with the lifts and getting stronger. This option lets you choose your discipline of training and how many days a week you’re able to train. We have programs that range from 3-6 times per week in both barbell disciplines.

Cross-Training | CrossFit – $97/month (3 Month Commitment Required)

Let’s face it, your local box will be composed primarily of people who have no desire to compete and just want to be healthy while looking good naked. While there’s no problem with that, it also means the classroom programming probably won’t be enough for athletes who are striving for more. If you are serious about competing, then must follow competition style programming. Not only will this programming get you stronger and improve your motor, but it will address your weaknesses to make you a well-rounded athlete. If you are preparing for a competition, we request that we work together for at least 12 weeks, if not longer.


Santé is the French word for health and it also means cheers! We chose this name because we’re toasting to good health. Our goal with this program is to not only make you lean, strong and fit, but to teach you how to maintain fitness for life which can be achieved without a gym membership. The best part of this program is your ability to complete the workouts anywhere: at home, on vacation, in your office, on a beach, at a park or anywhere else you can find roughly a 10’ by 10’ space.

We accomplish this by taking a simplistic approach to workouts. This program will never require you to purchase expensive equipment like those at-home fitness DVDs you see on TV. To participate in this program, you’ll need nothing more than a yoga mat, jump rope, suspension trainer, and some resistance bands or tubing, and your body. And to make sure you’re well armed, you’ll also get access to Coach V’s nutrition workshop.


$599 – Entire 4 Month Program (16 weeks) – One Time Billing
$175/mo – Entire 4 Month Program (16 weeks) – Monthly Recurring for 4 Months
$25/mo – Continued Communication with your Coach – Monthly Recurring Until Canceled


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