What is Cross-Training?

Cross-Training is simply another way of saying, “Strength & Conditioning,” and our programming will prepare you for just about any physical endeavor by making you an extremely well rounded athlete. It’s truly the only program that simultaneously develops your strength, endurance, power, speed, stamina, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness (a sensory skill your body uses to know where it’s at in space). All of these concepts of fitness are applied to our Cross-Training classes where you’ll get a great workout with the support of your gym family, each rep of the way. Training in the group setting also helps you with consistency, so don’t be surprised if you miss a workout and you receive Facebook messages or texts asking you where you’ve been!

How to prepare for class:

  • Hydration: Working out can be difficult, especially if you’re not properly hydrated. After all, we bring the intensity with our workouts and you can expect to work up a sweat. We have a water filtration system at the gym, so bring a bottle and fill it up. We try to be kind to the environment, so reusable bottles are awesome and appreciated.
  • Dress for Success: It’s hard to workout if you’re not properly dressed. We usually suggest gym shorts or pants, leggings/tights, t-shirt and tanks. Also, dressing in layers during the colder seasons is suggested until you’re warmed up.
  • Footwear: Having the right shoes is important. Generally, we recommend for you to wear something flat soled that isn’t air or foam cushioned. While those shoes are comfortable for normal everyday activities, those soles wiggle a little making it harder to balance while training.
  • Have Fun: Whether this is your first workout with us or you’re a seasoned pro, go into each workout with the mindset of having fun. Remember working out is something you get to do and not something you have to do. We’ll have the music going and you’ll be around others sweating it out with you, so smile, lift, laugh, and repeat for each class.

The Workout:

Undisputed’s workouts are crafted and designed for those who can attend at least 3 sessions per week, this way you can ensure you’ve trained your body in multiple different ways.

The Warm Up: Your workout will start with a warm up, which is a sequence of selected movements to help prepare you for the WOD (Workout Of the Day) and exercises you’ll be doing for your session. Lots of the times, the warm-up movements selected are yoga like which helps open up tight muscles to ensure proper range of motion.

Strength: Strength is the foundation of all movement and a little more than half of your workouts here at Undisputed will consists of using some sort of weight. Whether that’s a barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, your own bodyweight, etc. we’ll teach you how to do what’s assigned, and help you learn the proper form to keep you safe while getting strong.

Circuit: Sometimes we’ll circuit train during our sessions so you can drive weight while keeping the heart rate up. This methodology not only allows you to drive weight but also trains your cardiovascular at the same time.

Conditioning: We use the terminology conditioning to describe something that’s generally associated with cardio, but instead of telling you to go for a run, we put together a fun end of workout high intensity conditioning session. Sometimes this workout is done for time – completing all tasks as quickly as possible, or for as many rounds and reps as possible.

Cool Down: Most classes will run the full 60 minutes and end with some sort of cool down stretch. However, there are times you’ll require more and we have lots of members who stay afterwards to get in extra credit. After all, have you ever heard anyone say, “I stretch too much,” I’d wager those words are rarely spoken. To help you out, we have TVs and programs in place to guide you through an enhanced mobility session which ensures you get in the daily mobility work too.