What is Cross-Training?

The pursuit of elite health and fitness cannot be accomplished using one single method or mode, and it’s important to use every method you have at your disposal. Let’s ask a couple questions, “Does it make sense for someone to be able to run endless amounts of miles, yet not be able to pick up his or her child,” or “Does it make any sense to be able to lift 500 pounds, but running down the street makes you winded?” To answer both questions, the answer is, “No!”

Cross-Training is simply another way of saying, “Strength & Conditioning,” and our programming will prepare you for just about any physical endeavor by making you an extremely well rounded athlete. It’s truly the only program that simultaneously develops your strength, endurance, power, speed, stamina, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness (a sensory skill your body uses to know where it’s at in space). All of these concepts of fitness are applied to our Cross-Training classes where you’ll get a great workout with the support of your “gym family,” each rep of the way. Training in the group setting also helps you with consistency, so don’t be surprised if you miss a workout and you receive Facebook messages or texts asking you where you’ve been!

We’re not your everyday commercial gym. When it comes to fitness, some people think we’re fanatics, obsessive, and extreme… Maybe we are a little bit of all those things, but we know why we do this. It’s because we’re passionate about being our very best and average just won’t cut it anymore. Are you ready? Drop in and join us on Saturday at 9:30am for an introductory session.


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