Undisputed is no longer Hellcat CrossFit, why?

Undisputed Strength & Conditioning has used the Hellcat CrossFit name very sparingly. This is because we, as a fitness program and coaches, have always used our own methodology to programming and wanted to make that known from the very beginning. By doing so, we ensure our members are getting what’s best for them, and this is impossible to achieve without feedback received from and observed of our community. Let’s face it, there is no two-way communication if we went to CrossFit’s workout blog to copy and past the day’s workout.

While we support and thank CrossFit for what they have done to get people into the fitness community, there are aspects of how CrossFit HQ governs and promotes the brand that we don’t agree with. By being an affiliate of CrossFit, their name is also our name and their actions are also our actions. In the end, we determined that nothing changes about Undisputed by dropping this affiliation – we’re still one of the top fitness gyms in Minnesota with one of the best Olympic Weightlifting programs and teams in America, and we’ll continue this tradition without being Hellcat CrossFit.

What is the cost of membership?

  • Free Trial Memberships:
    • Free Class – To get a taste of what Undisputed has to offer, we suggest everyone to first try a free class. We are a strength based gym, and perhaps that’s what you’re looking for; or maybe it isn’t.
    • 2 Week Free Trial – Making a commitment after 1 free class can be intimidating, which is why we don’t ask you to. Instead we give you 2 Weeks Free, this way you can have no doubts about your decision to join.
  • Fitness Memberships – 
    • Unlimited Access: $158/month + tax
    • Punch Pass:
      • 13 Classes (12 Classes + 1 Free) for $225 + tax *expires 90 days from activation
      • 26 Classes (24 Classes + 2 Free) for $370 + tax *expires 120 days from activation
  • Other Memberships –
    • Olympic Weightlifting/Powerlifting – $129/month + tax
    • Saturday Weightlifting Only – $75/month + tax (only accepting 4 more Saturday Only Athletes)
      • Rates include team programming and templates. Individualized programming is in addition
      • Hours for Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Open Gym: Monday – Friday 5:30pm – 7:30pm, and Saturday 11am – 1pm
    • Open Gym – $99/month + tax
    • High School Weightlifting – $79/month + tax

*Please note, your monthly membership receipt will be itemized to reflect services.

What’s your policy for drop-ins?

If you’re traveling from out of town, we’d love to have you drop in.

I’ve purchased an online deal (Groupon, Living Social, Amazon, etc), what do I do now?

Your next step is to contact us to setup your first class time. You can either email info@undisputedsc.com or you can use our contact us form.

If I’m an experienced Cross-Training athlete, do I need to do fundamentals?

If you’re an experienced Cross-Training athlete you do not need to do a fundamentals session, and testing out is available with a coach. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve done Cross-Training or another form of high-intensity exercise, we highly recommend you try a class, then together we can decide if you need one-on-one sessions with a coach.

Experienced Cross-Training athletes must demonstrate proficiency with the following movements: Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift High-Pull, Push-Ups, Ring Rows, Pull-Ups, Cleans and Snatches. *Scaled variations will be allowed for select movements.

Undisputed offers a free trial program, can I combine that with an online deal?

Unfortunately, our free trial programs can’t be combined with any other discounts, offers or promotions. Additionally, our free trial programs and promotional offers (such as: Groupon, Living Social, Facebook, etc,) are only available to those who are new to Undisputed and are not offered to existing or previous members who’ve had an active membership within the last 12 months.

I want to get started, but I have no experience, what do I do?

One-on-one sessions are available for fundamentals, and you can get 3 sessions with a coach for $180 – each session is about 50 minutes. If additional sessions are needed, fundamentals sessions can be purchased in packages of 3 for $180. For more information, please contact: info@undisputedsc.com

What is Cross-Training?

Cross-Training is a training methodology that will prepare you for just about any physical endeavor by making you an extremely well rounded athlete. This is accomplished by training all domains of fitness; Cross-Training at Undisputed will develop your strength, mobility, endurance, stamina, speed, agility, etc. at the same time.

I’ve heard a lot about your Olympic Weightlifting Program, but can anyone do it?

Yes, Undisputed’s Olympic Weightlifting program is for all abilities and ages. Even though we’ve had athletes represent Team USA and win medals, those same athletes were trained in-house as beginners to the sport. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, you can train with us. We even have members who like doing Olympic Weightlifting as a fitness program, and that’s okay with us!! Click here to learn more.

Do women Cross-Train?

Absolutely! Most fitness movements that were popular among women have traditionally been considered “feminine.” At Undisputed, you will lift heavy weights to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. In fact, Undisputed has had 2 female state record holders at competition body weights of 105 pounds (48kg) and 116 pounds (53kg).

Do I need to be in good shape to Cross-Train?

Nope, that’s what Cross-Training is for. It is our job as an elite fitness facility to get you into the best shape possible no matter where you’re starting. Also, we’ll provide you with interactive software, which allows you to track your workout progress and nutrition, while receiving feedback from our coaching staff.

I can’t do what they do on TV, how do you expect me to participate?

Just like any other sport or activity – what you see on TV is designed for the .0001% that are gifted enough to perform at that level. For the rest of us, Cross-Training is designed to be scaled in countless ways so you can execute the movements safely regardless of your current strength or skill level. We even offer 2 different types of programs to better suit everyone’s skill level and training. Guess what this means? Well, it means you’ll be performing pull-ups and other movements when you train at Undisputed. Our coaching staff has worked with men and women who have never performed a “real” pull-up prior to training with us who can now do multiple pull-ups without any assistance. We’ve trained many people to their first handstand push up, muscle up, etc.

What qualifications do your coaches have?

All of our coaches have the fancy certifications that you’ve never heard of and also come from a lengthy athletic background to ensure they have the prerequisite knowledge to coach others. Additionally, Undisputed is committed to continuing education and requires our coaching staff to read the most current training and nutrition books, attend educational seminars, obtain additional certifications, etc. Our members don’t train at Undisputed because of all that. They train with us because we have a great community and coaching staff which gets them excellent results while having fun.

I’ve got an injury, can I still workout?

Yes, you can. When people get hurt they’ll often use it as an excuse to stop training and become sedentary and this is the worst possible thing you can do. It’s always best to consult with your physician to know what you can do while your injury or injuries are healing.

Do you recommend taking supplements?

Yes, we do recommend some supplementation. But as a reminder, supplements are meant to supplement your diet, not replace it. Because everyone has different physiology and training goals, we have a very short list of supplements that everyone will benefit from, regardless of their nutritional habits.

  • Multi-Vitamin – The vast majority of us do not consume the recommended servings of veggies and fruit on a daily basis and/or do not have enough variability. Multi-Vitamins help to fill areas that might be lacking.
  • Glucosamine – There is an overwhelming amount of studies which support the efficacy of glucosamine for joint health.
  • Whey Protein – When you workout, you’re breaking down muscle tissue which your body repairs during recovery. The fastest way to jump start this repair is with some protein your body easily absorbs.
  • Vitamin-D – 2,000 – 10,000 iu per day. Now this is a big range, but we’re located in MN where the daylight hours are really long during the summer, but very short during the winter. Therefore, the need for supplementation is greater during the winter versus the summer, and will vary with each individual.
  • Fish Oil – You should take approximately 1 gram of fish oil per 20 pounds body weight. Now 1 gram of fish oil is not equivalent to the grams per pill. Make sure your dosage is calculated from the amount of fish oil per pill

If you’re a competitive athlete and your fundamental nutritional needs are being consistently met, then you might need more advance supplementation. It’s best for you to speak with one of the coaches to see what might be beneficial to you.

What workout apparel and supplies do you recommend?

Dress for success! For example, if you work at a place where everyone is required to wear formal business attire, what would your boss say to you if you showed up in jeans and a t-shirt? The same applies to working out because it’s hard to workout if you’re not wearing the proper attire and footwear.

This also goes for personal workout equipment and supplies, as some are not one size fits all – jump ropes are a perfect example of something that should be custom fit to you. Additionally, you might find tape, gymnast grips, wraps, etc, to be extra helpful in preventative care and providing a little extra stability. Click here to be directed to our online store.


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