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Too Many CrossFit Gyms Have Lost Sight of Good Programming

For a while I’ve made a habit of looking at what other gyms in our area do for programming. Some boxes or gyms publish their WODs and others do not. Sometimes, I just glance at coach’s social media to see what they’re up to for their group fitness classes. To be honest, the trend that I’ve been seeing is a little alarming. It seems as if working out is no longer about getting results, but simply how miserable a coach can make a workout. Also, there are just too many gyms who essentially metcon, and with the rise in popularity of high intensity exercise, we’ve also seen a correlation of negative consequences to frequent bouts of high intensity exercise. Not only are these gyms doing metcons daily, I’ve seen it programmed for as much as 20, 30 and even 40 plus minutes daily. If fitness is variability (time domain is a variable), then some of these gyms and coaches are just missing the boat. I’ve even seen one gym program 2 Hero Metcons with a 5k sandwiched in the middle and another program 3, 1 mile runs with Grace and Isabel between the runs… and ALL of their WODs are like this. This might be what they’re members are looking for, but it doesn’t mean it’s smart programming. If we as coaches are supposed to be the experts, then we need to deliver a product that gets people results and enhances quality of life. Sure, you can bury yourself in a high intensity metcon every-single-day, but eventually you’ll burn out; even worse, you’ll get injured.

Our workouts generally do have a heading that reads “Metcon” daily. However, it’s not metcons like people tend to think of them. Some are designed to just move at a consistent pace; some are interval style; etc, and we explain this to our class so we can address different domains of fitness. But now, we’ve started using different headings like “Interval Training,”, “Moderate Intensity Steady State,”, and occasionally “Metcon,” when we can’t think of a better fit.

Well, it has been about 3 months since we’ve done a longer “metcon.” In fact, it was the Murph WOD 3 months ago. I’ll admit, we’re bias towards strength, and hypertrophy, and we probably spend 60% (or maybe even 70%) of our time devoted to those 2 things. However, a WOD like this one doesn’t even phase our members, why? Because they’re strong enough to move a sub maximal weight repeatedly (95/65 pounds is well below 50% of what most our members snatch, or clean and jerk) and have enough endurance to keep moving. If I’ve sparked some curiosity, the know we publish all of our WODs (Workout of the Day) to our blog. If you’d like to compare the Undisputed philosophy to your gym’s or coach’s philosophy, please feel free to do so.