Some people have noticed that lots of the workouts for our conditioning sessions this month have had rest intervals programmed in it, and this isn’t by coincidence; it’s to improve your aerobic capacity in preparation for The Open. Even though we’re no longer a CrossFit affiliate (you can read about that here) our athletes still enjoy doing the workouts that are released and we’ll never take away their ability to complete those at our facility.

Just so the rumor mill doesn’t start swirling and if you don’t want to read the aforementioned post on why we unaffiliated with CrossFit, I want to dispel any notions that we resigned our affiliation for anything other than the fact that CrossFit’s model for fitness and business no longer aligns with our vision. In fact, we’ve always had our own methodology to programming for general fitness and that’s not the “blanket” approach of CrossFit – there’s more to it than do this or that as fast as you can. Okay, so back to Intermittent Recovery training…

Why does Undisputed incorporate this into our training philosophy? In short, it is a great strategy for producing gains in aerobic power and endurance. Sure, you could go out and do really long bouts of endurance training to illicit the same response, but who wants to continually go further and further and spend more and more time achieving this – not to mention the amount of volume your rack up in the process that you have to recover from. This is why fitness programming needs to have a more carefully thought out plan and not simply do this or that for “x” amount of time.

So what is Intermittent Recovery training? Here is a good example:

While the video is a good testing mode for soccer players, we adapt how we use Intermittent Recovery Training (aka yo-yo testing, and high intensity intermittent training) to improve general fitness without all of the volume (such as distance, length of time, etc.) This ensures our members get the results they’re looking for and it fits into the 1-hour class times.