Every year we habitually make resolutions, I think it’s just a part of our making as humans. Have you… Learned how to sing in tune? Cleaned your house spotless? Been to more social engagements? Finally asked out that girl or guy you’ve been crushing on out for a date?

Oh you haven’t, well I haven’t either. Just because the calendar moved one day and put us into a new year doesn’t mean you know who you want to evolve into throughout 2018. Now I’m not saying don’t set goals because goals are important to self-improvement. However, you have to put more time into thinking about how you’re going to become the person you want to be – it’s more thought than making an empty New Year’s Resolution or Resolutions.

Many of you want to make a transformation into healthy living, which includes living an active lifestyle and eating healthier, but many of you are forgetting that ever crucial first step, which is “Loving you for who you are,” if you can’t do that, you won’t be happy in your pursuits of any goal. So this year, “F#ck resolutions” and just think of what it means to just “Be More You,” because you shouldn’t mold into what social norms tell you to be. If being more fit, living an active lifestyle and eating healthier means you’ll inspire yourself to do more carpool karaoke, mess up your house so you can clean it spotless again, be more outgoing, and more confident in asking out that girl or guy, then we say “Be More You” this year, because we love who you are from the first day you walk through the door at Undisputed.

#BeMoreYou and see you at Undisputed very soon! -Coach V.

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