Are you looking to get into the best shape of your life? There are two components to health and wellness and that’s nutrition and improving your fitness. If you’re struggling with those things we can help you with our online coaching and programming. Here’s what one of our online fitness members has to say about her experience:

According to several different scales, I’ve gained about 8 pounds in the past 6 weeks. I can’t imagine all of that is muscle, but I can see my abs again, so if it’s fat, I don’t know where it’s hiding. – Laura M.

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Can You Transform Your Body Without Losing Weight?

When we have new members to our fitness program (onsite and/or online) we always ask, “What are your goals you’re looking to accomplish?” If you answer with, “I want to lose weight,” then you’ll get a follow up question of clarifying whether or not your looking to lose weight or reduce your body fat percentage.

When I start working with a new member or personal training client, the first thing I always do is work on building up their base strength and adding muscle. There have been very, very few people where I did not start there. Additionally, most people I have to get them to start reverse dieting to do so.

Here is a great image that shows weight loss isn’t necessarily the goal that you’re trying to achieve:

Weight Loss or Muscle Gain?

Woman posts dramatic before and after pics of one pounds loss to prove that weight is meaningless.

If you’re looking to start a fitness routine here’s the recipe I’ve used countless amounts of time with lots of success:

  1. Phase one, ff you’ve been dieting, stop and un-diet so you can build muscle. If you’re new to exercise then your body is going to experience a surge of muscle building hormones, so don’t stunt these hormones by dieting. In fact, I tell most people that I don’t care how much they eat in the first month to three months, just the what. I’ve even asked some members and clients to remove cardio so the calories they are consuming can go towards muscle building. In the first 12 weeks, you want to add muscle. Trust me, you’ll lose body fat in the process… after all, your muscle is responsible for signaling the breakdown of body fat. Do you see what I’m getting at? Think volume of training her.
  2. Phase two is getting stronger. This is generally where I tell you that you’ll be lifting heavier weights, more loading, but less volume. In this phase I’ll typically have people increase their overall activity, such as getting in more steps and doing recreational physical activities. However, still no dieting.
  3. Phase three is performance. This is where we look to increase your overall work capacity in a given time frame. Basically, increasing the density of training. By this point you should be stronger and have more muscle, which is a perfect platform to build on. However, still no dieting.
  4. Phase four, lean out by reducing slightly. Most people are surprised that we don’t reduce many calories here, we just introduce undulation in your macros (carbohydrates, protein and fat) or overall caloric intake. We don’t want to take too many calories because you need it to perform, but just enough that your body overcomes the slight deficit by breaking down body fat. The tendency here is to start thinking “more reduction in calories means more fat loss,” but that’s not true. In fact you’ll tank your performance and as a result you’ll slow down your metabolic activity.

After these 4 phases, you just rinse and repeat!

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