For the longest time we’ve been told through mainstream marketing that carbohydrates make you fat. But at Undisputed Strength and Conditioning, Eagan, MN – we actually encourage our members to consume carbs. If carbs don’t make you fat, then how does your body actually treat carbs?

In this video, Coach V explains:

  1. When you consume carbohydrates, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream and the first place it’s actually utilized is your liver. Your liver can hold about 50-100 grams of it. In fact, when your liver stores are full, you tend to have a higher metabolic activity.
  2. What isn’t taken up by your liver is next absorbed by your muscles. And depending up a few factors, your muscles can store anywhere from 300-400 grams of it. Your muscles will absorb as much of it as possible.
  3. Once your liver is full and your muscles are full is when excess amounts are then converted to triglycerides and stored as body fat.
  4. So how do you prevent your stores from being full? It’s simple, with strenuous activities, which includes exercise, but can also be non-exercise activities, like playing pickup football, or even a game of tag. Basically anything that’s not considered aerobic activity. This is why the more active you are, the more carbohydrates you should consume. The less active, the less you should consume.

If you have questions on nutrition or need guidance, check out one of our affiliate partners, “Eat to Perform,” they preach what we preach to our members which is, “Eat to perform and flexible nutrition without feeling hungry all the time.”