Tri Phu
Coach Tri is a very decorated Olympic Weightlifter and his accolades won’t fit on this page, so we’ll just say it goes a couple pages. Outside of being an athlete, his passion is for coaching group fitness and Olympic Weightlifting. Over the last couple of years, Tri has been the Assistant Head Coach of Undisputed’s weightlifting team and he is individual coach to many national weightlifters. One day, Tri will take over as Head Coach when Coach V. is ready to take a step back. Also, Coach Tri Phu is infamous for coining the phrase “Don’t Woooooooorry.”



Lucky Phousirith
Coach Lucky himself is a national level Olympic Weightlifter and medalist. Outside of being an athlete he has a passion for all things coaching and serves as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and also a Co-Head Coach of Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting at Burnsville High School. On any given day, if you were to ask him what is favorite discipline to coach is, it’ll probably change from Fitness, to Track and Field, to Weightlifting, to Powerlifting, to Athletic Development, etc.




Vinh Huynh
Coach Vinh Huynh is the founder of Undisputed Strength and Conditioning and serves as their programs director. Outside of coaching, Vinh has a strong passion for nutrition and how it’s one of the most crucial components to success for fitness and athletic goals. Since opening Undisputed, Coach V has helped numerous local athletes, youth to adult, make national meets and international teams to represent Team USA. In addition, he has coached high school athletes who currently play or have played in elite leagues or teams such as the Iowa Wild’s Tier 1 Elite for Hockey, and Shattuck-St. Mary’s for Soccer. Additionally, he serves as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach and Weightlifting Co-Head Coach at Burnsville High School. A brief summary of his coaching bio includes:

  • USA Weightlifting – Sr. International Coach (Pending). The designation of International Coach with USAW is entirely based on merit for producing athletes who’ve represented Team USA on the international level. These athletes include: Brian Reisenauer, IWF World Championships & Pan American Championships; Nadeen Pierre, IWF Youth World Championships and Pan American Championships; Adrianne Haider (fka Acosta) FISU University World Games; and Jared Flannery IWF Youth World Championships. Coach V’s status as an International Coach is pending because he must first complete the Level 2 certification – which is just a formality at this point.
  • Local, National and International Medals: Since opening in 2014, Coach V. has helped over 30 athletes qualify for Nationals or the American Open Finals, including: 2 National Champions; 1 American Open Finals Champions; 8 national level medalists; 4 International Team USA Members; 1 International Medalist; and Numerous Minnesota LWC Champions, Medalists, and Record Holders.