About Us

Undisputed Strength & Conditioning was born out of the desire to build a strong community and optimal health for our members.

Undisputed Strength & Conditioning (formerly known as Hellcat CrossFit Eagan, Minnesota) is built on the belief that fitness programs that everyone can do does exist. The quest of getting in shape and staying in shape is lifelong, but it should never be boring or feel like it’s something you have to do. Instead, it should be something you look forward to and something you get to do. Our overall mission statement is to provide you with a supportive environment of people all striving for the same goal, while programming thoughtful and unique workouts that don’t feel repetitive so each visit to the gym feels different or has that mystery of the unknown. We are a strength bias fitness program – meaning we help you build muscle, why? Because muscle is essentially the tissue that signals your body that it’s time to “burn” body fat, which helps reveal a leaner you. To top things off, our coaches are the very best in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area at providing you with results based training and pairing that with nutrition and having fun.

Undisputed is also the only gym in the South Metro Twin Cities area that has open gym hours daily for your to work on programming that’s tailored to your individual needs. This can be programming you receive from us, or your personal coach.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us because we look forward to meeting and welcoming you to the Eagan Cross-Training community and our Undisputed family.